CricketForce 2017

Saturday 1st April 2017

CricketForce is on Saturday 1st April from 10:30am onwards. The aim is to get the cricket club ready for the current season.

There are many jobs to that need doing – so please do not leave it to the same few. Let’s have a good start to the season both on and off the field.

You get out of the sport what you put in

Jobs to do:-

  • Scorebox to clean
  • Rope to get out
  • Sponsor boards to put out
  • Sightscreens to paint and erect
  • Boundary to strim and tidy up
  • 10 new benches to put together
  • Flower beds to tidy and make new
  • Both changing rooms to empty and clean
  • Carpark to weed and clean/tidy
  • Rear of the clubhouse to paint white and touch-up the front of the away dressing room
  • Drain pipe near changing rooms to repair
  • Nets to repair holes with tie wraps
  • Boundary net to field to make good
  • The bar will need a good clean
  • The clubhouse should by this time have been cleaned and carpet will have been cleaned

Many Thanks

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