Supporters 200 Club

The Supporter’s 200 Club has ceased

Recent draws:

The Club would like to thank promoter Cathy Brown and previous promoters Neil Wilson, Joan Barrett, Michael Hardwick & Graham Hodgson for their organising of the 200 Club

Rules and Regulations

  • The name of the Section shall be “The 200 Section of Steeton Cricket Supporters Club”.
  • The objects of the are to support both financially and socially the activities of Steeton Cricket Club.
  • The membership of the 200 Section is limited to 200 members all of whom are given a number which is retained by them throughout their membership.
  • The membership fee for one year is £13 to be payable in either a lump sum or 6-monthly £6.50 or 4-weekly £1. One months notice of withdrawal must be given to the 200 Section Committee. The spare membership is then offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.
  • The membership fee of £13 is made up as follows:
Membership for one year 50p
Donation to 200 Section £12.50
  • The activities of the 200 Section commence when membership is fully subscribed.
  • Each member is entitled to use the usual amenities of Steeton Cricket Club offered to its members.
  • Payable from the funds of 200 Section will be the prizes indicated. The Draw will take place on the dates indicated.
  • The decision of the committee on all matters is final.
  • Proper books of accounts will be kept and may be inspected by any member after special request to the Chairman of the Committee.
  • All members will be presented with a membership card with a copy of the above rules and regulations, which card will be stamped with the member’s number and must be returned should membership be terminated.

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