Cricket Programme

With key objectives in the Club Development Plan relating to the encouragement of junior players to respond to the coaching programme and the opportunities to play competitive cricket, the Club:-

  • runs a regular structured coaching programme for junior members;
  • ensures that the junior coaching programme is overseen by a qualified ECB Coach or equivalent;
  • promotes a pro-active coaching culture with senior players and members, and seeks volunteer help from parents to provide an inclusive feel for junior players;
  • ensures all coaching, competition and games must take place with safe and protective equipment, including the provision and use of helmets, and in a safe environment as detailed in the ‘Cricket specific safeguarding guidance’ section of the Safe Hands Safeguarding Kit Bag of the ECB ‘Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children’;
  • aims to increase the number of registered girls and develop a continuing process for girls to be included and encouraged through the coaching system to play an active part in the cricket programme and the number of girls playing in junior teams;
  • has a pro-active approach to provide for players with potential to be recognised and guided through their cricket development and encourage named players to attend trials and coaching for district level and the ”Pathways to Cricket Excellence” and
  • will continue to enter league and cup competitions at relevant age groups
  • Planning for Long Term SuccessThe Cricket Programme is the combination of coaching, training and competition which should assist young players to realise their potential and is based on the Long-term Athlete Development model (LTAD)

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