The 2nd XI Juggernaut

(a.k.a. The Truck O’Luck)

The Truck O’Luck

Q:    Why the ‘juggernaut’?

A:    A juggernaut is a very large truck, which is very heavy (overweight you might say!) and works best when it is well oiled. A juggernaut is very hard to stop once it starts to roll, and anything in its path is easily brushed to the side or squashed! The 2nd XI of Steeton CC were champions of their league for the past 4 seasons (including promotion from the ‘B’ division) and have now won a 3rd consecutive 1st division championship title – so the analogy to an ‘almost’ unstoppable object is quite clear. The ‘juggernaut’ first appeared in match reports from 2004 when we won the B division title, and I needed a metaphor for an irrepressible machine-like performance.

Q:    Is there an actual juggernaut?

A:    The picture above is of a matchbox Tetley’s lorry, and was the 2nd XI mascot. It is taken to 2nd XI matches and put where it can watch the match. It brings us luck, hence the nickname ‘The Truck O’Luck’

Q:    Is this the first 2nd XI lucky mascot?

A:    No – the original lucky charm was ‘Power of the Shield’. Which was Dave Atkinson’s Club bowling award for 2003:-

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